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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 5:57pm

An East Cork town is set for a major boost with the re-opening of one of Ireland's oldest cinemas.

It's hoped the newly opened cinema, which dates back to 1936, will not only benefit Youghal but will also provide a boost to the local economy as it's expected visitors will travelto experience the unique offering of the Regal cinema Our senior reporter Fiona O'Donovan has this special report from Youghal for RedFM News:


Discussions between representatives of Cork County Board and City Hall regarding the GAA's financial contribution towards public lighting at the newly renovated stadium took place last week


That's the message from the Director of Fermoy River Youth Club who says the weir is on the brink of collapse


The Environmental Protection Agency says the sector is the worst offender when it comes to pollution


Adam O Keeffe from Midleton denies Murder but admits the manslaughter of 22 year old mother of one Amy McCarthy.


The young Cork man travelled to the US to undergo life saving surgery on a rare brain tumour


Mobile homes have been moved onto a road outside New Kilcrumper cemetery and a Council owned picnic spot on the south side of the town


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Axwell Ingrosso - More Than You Know

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How to Forgive Someone Who Has Wronged You

When somebody wrongs you—either by accident or on purpose—it can be hard to get over it. You may…

Read on lifehacker.​com

Birken adds that it can be useful to ask yourself a really simple question: what are you getting out of your resentment? Answering this forces you to think about the situation more objectively.

“You might be displacing anger at yourself onto the person you resent, or you may feel comfortable with or even enjoy the righteous anger you feel,” she says.

Asking yourself what you’re gaining by feeling resentful, which probably isn’t much, can help you to let go of the anger.

“Finally, you need to think through what story you are telling yourself about the financial injustice that you have suffered,” Birken says. “We often resent situations because we don’t know the entire context. We fill in the blanks with a story that makes sense to us, but may have nothing to do with what the other person intended. Recognizing what you actually know and what you have made up can help you to release the resentment.”

This brings up another interesting point: we often judge other people’s spending without understanding the full picture. We jump to conclusions, which can also lead to resentment.

Personal finance writer Ramit Sethi calls this spending hypocrisy , and he uses LearnVest CEO Alexa Von Tobel as an example. Von Tobel revealed her own spending habits and readers tore her apart, criticizing her $30 lunch or her decision to take cabs every day. Sethi explains why this kind of judgment is unproductive:

“Instead of automatically condemning the author for her spending habits, the angry commenters above should have tried to figure out how she affords such a lofty lifestyle in the first place. “But Ramit,” you might say, “she went to Harvard. She’s clearly a wasteful trust-fund baby who’s living off mommy and daddy’s money.” Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? But if that’s your first thought, you’re guilty of the Shrug Effect . A better way to approach the question would be to acknowledge that she probably has a few advantages you don’t, but focus on the things she DOES control — which you can learn from. If you want to live her lifestyle, it pays to ask: How could she be earning SO MUCH that she could afford to take cabs every day? What is she doing that I don’t know about? Who can I talk to to learn more? How can I earn more money?”

How could she be earning SO MUCH that she could afford to take cabs every day? What is she doing that I don’t know about? Who can I talk to to learn more? How can I earn more money?”
January 25, 2018 by Nancy W. Stauffer, D Nebula C Womens LowTop Sneakers Geox 8lNx0uo

For quantum dot (QD) materials to perform well in devices such as solar cells, the nanoscale crystals in them need to pack together tightly so that electrons can hop easily from one dot to the next and flow out as current. MIT researchers have now made QD films in which the dots vary by just one atom in diameter and are organized into solid lattices with unprecedented order. Subsequent processing pulls the QDs in the film closer together, further easing the electrons' pathway. Tests using an ultrafast laser confirm that the energy levels of vacancies in adjacent QDs are so similar that hopping electrons don't get stuck in low-energy dots along the way.

Taken together, the results suggest a new direction for ongoing efforts to develop these promising materials for high performance in electronic and optical devices.

In recent decades, much research attention has focused on electronic materials made of quantum dots , which are tiny crystals of semiconducting materials a few nanometers in diameter. After three decades of research, QDs are now being used in TV displays, where they emit bright light in vivid colors that can be fine-tuned by changing the sizes of the nanoparticles. But many opportunities remain for taking advantage of these remarkable materials.

"QDs are a really promising underlying materials technology for Nosy 100 Patentleather And Pvc Tbar Pumps Black Christian Louboutin 4HISD
applications," says William Tisdale, the ARCO Career Development Professor in Energy Studies and an associate professor of chemical engineering.

QD materials pique his interest for several reasons. QDs are easily synthesized in a solvent at low temperatures using standard procedures. The QD-bearing solvent can then be deposited on a surface—small or large, rigid or flexible—and as it dries, the QDs are left behind as a solid. Best of all, the electronic and optical properties of that solid can be controlled by tuning the QDs.

"With QDs, you have all these degrees of freedom," says Tisdale. "You can change their composition, size, shape, and surface chemistry to fabricate a material that's tailored for your application."

The ability to adjust electron behavior to suit specific devices is of particular interest. For example, in solar photovoltaics (PVs), electrons should pick up energy from sunlight and then move rapidly through the material and out as current before they lose their excess energy. In light-emitting diodes (LEDs), high-energy "excited" electrons should relax on cue, emitting their extra energy as light.

With thermoelectric (TE) devices, QD materials could be a game-changer. When TE materials are hotter on one side than the other, they generate electricity. So TE devices could turn waste heat in car engines, industrial equipment, and other sources into power—without combustion or moving parts. The TE effect has been known for a century, but devices using TE materials have remained inefficient. The problem: While those materials conduct electricity well, they also conduct heat well, so the temperatures of the two ends of a device quickly equalize. In most materials, measures to decrease heat flow also decrease electron flow.

The #1 Archive for Musical Theater

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kevin on / 0 comments
Kevin Clarke
Operetta Research Center
17 October, 2015

Warren Hoffman’s book “The Great White Way.”

This became clear to me, with a bang, during the operetta conference the Komische Oper hosted earlier in 2015. While most Germans at that conference spoke about operetta pre and post 1933, the feminist side of operetta and how to get over the Adorno influence, the few Americans that were present discussed “people of color” as an extension of their gender debates. Most notably, Bonnie Gordon did so when she interpreted Le belle Hélène as a “Black Venus” and asked about “the place of black women’s bodies in discourses of degeneracy.”

While Gordon’s forced inclusion of black women in her otherwise fascinating essay on “Operetta Display” seemed somewhat unconvincing to me, also in the published version of the conference ( Kunst der Oberfläche: Operette zwischen Bravour und Banalität ), there is another new book that demonstrates brilliantly where all of this could be going to. Warren Hoffman has presented a 251 page study about “Race and the Broadway Musical” at Rutgers University Press, entitled The Great White Way . And even though it has Pearl Bailey as 1967’s “all black” Hello Dolly on its cover, his book is not only about “black” aspects of musical theater; though they certainly play a prominent role.

In the course of six main chapters, Warren discusses how Native Indians are treated in Annie Get Your Gun , and how “I’m an Indian Too” was taken out of the 1999 Bernadette Peters revival on Broadway. He asks about the representation of Asians in Flower Drum Song , including the re-write by David Henry Hwang in 2001. But there are also fascinating analysis of Americans with “unnaturally blonde hair”, Puerto Ricans and “Brown Face” in West Side Story , among many other famous shows dealt with ( Chorus Line, 42nd Street, Music Man etc.).

Warren rightfully asks whether the new “political correctness” and the adaptations of shows “to fit current sensibilities” are such a good idea.”Saying that a libretto can be rewritten with little hesitation or thrown out altogether contributes to the ongoing misconception that musicals are frothy entertainment and have nothing particularly important to say or offer beyond their music in the first place.” With regard to the new Flower Drum Song of 2001, now billed as “Rodgers Hammerstein’s Flower Drum Song ” (even though it’s a re-write), Warren says: “ West Side Story may be a modernization of Romeo and Juliet , but it never pretends to be or replace Shakespeare’s classic play.” He called the practise of re-writing shows for PC purposes “a dicey” one: “While perpetzuating stereotypes is obviously wrong, revising shows to make them acceptable for the current age feels like whitewashing history.

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